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On 01.01.2021 the "Global Co-Creation Challenge“ opened its gates!

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"We could rebuild our society from scratch. We already have all the solutions.

What we still need to do: Coordinate our actions as a changing society."

Hansi Herzog

Chief Visionary Officer

Hansi Herzog CoCreate

This invitation goes out to anyone who shares our longing for a better world, and our certainty that it is possible!

Join us and become part of the “world’s largest co-creation partnership” with CoCreate!

Support us as as part of our team, implementation partner or multiplier and help to finance our work via donation or impact loan.

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Olá! My name is Rafael!

Software Developer and Open Source Activist from Brazil.


Namasté, I am Sharada!

Governmental Administrator from India.


Hi, I am Franc!

Philanthropist and Impact Investor from New York.


The why, how and what of CoCreate

The CoCreate Prospectus offers an introduction to our project. 50 pages about the vision, solution and the people behind it.

CoCreate Prospectus
CoCreate Vision


Our vision is to bring the global community together to co-create a “good life for all”. Connect and coordinate cultural creatives.

CoCreate Challenge


Preserving individuality in the collective. Existing networks, platforms and providers suffering from a lack of resources and knowledge.

CoCreate Solution


simplify the daily process of solving challenges. To this end, we are developing concepts like Peer2Peer and “ProSumers”

CoCreate Model


Ecosystem Model based on the concept of systematically seeking and strategically combining that which already exists.

CoCreate Product


At the heart of our offering is our model, which describes the “world’s largest co-creation process” and the meta-ecosystem.

CoCreate Roadmap


CoCreate world tour for the prototyping and piloting of the “Ecosystem Design Toolbox” and the gathering of high-quality feedback. .

CoCreate Finance


The financial resources in the shared pot of money will be made available as loans within the network structure based on strategic criteria.

CoCreate Team


We’re the right people, who are starting to co-create
the new world. Join our mission for a “good life for all”.

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Join our mission for a “good life for all”

The right people at the right time,
starting to co-create the new world

Set an example NOW and later proudly say: “I was there when it started!”

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